Adventurers who play by their own rules

Each One&Only Guest Speaker Talk is held in the Ballroom and begins at 18h00 for 18h30.

Each One&Only Guest Speaker Talk is held in the Ballroom and begins at 18h00 for 18h30.

Published Apr 5, 2016


Cape Town - Now in its fifth year, One&Only Cape Town’s popular guest speaker series commences in May.

It will continue until October and includes a fascinating lineup of adventurers, conservationists and mavericks who play by their own rules, making history and waves as they go.

The One&Only Cape Town speaker series involves a talk from the man or woman of the moment, followed by a mouthwatering buffet dinner at Reuben’s, the resort’s elegant dining venue. Guests will relish the opportunity to tap into someone else’s reality and to hear about what makes them tick, offering food for thought and a different perspective on life as we know it. The cost per person including dinner (excluding beverages) is R310 per person per Talk.

Each month sees a different speaker take the stage, among them the likes of Braam Malherbe, first man to run the entire length of the Great Wall of China, Big Wave rider and philanthropist Chris Bertish and renowned conservation pioneer Colin Bell who is one of Southern Africa’s great hopes in the protection of some of our endangered species.

It’s impossible not to be moved by the stories of these remarkable people and their tales - the Talks promise to make people think, to spark emotional reactions and to offer the opportunity to look at life differently.


26 May 2016

Grant Lottering: “I’M Possible Tour, ‘Taking a Second Chance at Life to the Limit and Beyond’

You’ve heard stories of sportsmen overcoming enormous hurdles to reach the top of their game but few have a story as dramatic as Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador and ultra endurance cyclist Grant Lottering. In July 2013 Grant suffered a near fatal accident, one so traumatic that his heart stopped beating. Despite his ‘death’, just a year later he completed an Im’possible Tour to the top of the French Alps, an extraordinary 418km journey to a height of 9864m. The following year he did it again. Grant’s near-death experience and his account of harnessing his energy in order to make the most of every single day is both astonishing and incredibly uplifting.


30 June 2016

Ryan Stramrood: “Pushing the Impossible”

Ryan Stramrood says he’s an ordinary Joe but nothing could be further from the truth. An Ultra Extreme Open Water and Ice Swimming enthusiast, Ryan has travelled the globe in search of bigger (and colder) challenges. From Siberia to Antarctica and the Bering Sea, he has swum in brutal sub zero conditions, pushing his body to limits that defy logic and often science. Sharing anecdotes of some of his experiences, insights into overcoming unthinkable conditions and his unique approach to life, Ryan’s inspirational talks have received standing ovations and moved people to tears.


21 July 2016

Lorne Sulcas: “Africa’s Three Big Cats”

A renowned game ranger, wildlife photographer and wild cats expert, Lorne shares his amazing knowledge and fascinating insight into the world of Africa’s three Big Cats –Leopard, Cheetah, and Lion. Aside from his captivating accounts of life as a ranger and guide throughout Southern and East Africa, Lorne’s immense knowledge of and passion for Africa’s supreme feline hunters is incredible, and he shares it through powerful anecdotes, fascinating myth busting information and beautiful images taken on his safari adventures.


11 August 2016

Lee Den Hond: “Challenging Everest”

An accomplished businesswoman, a passionate endurance athlete and a no-holds-barred adventure seeker, in May 2013 Lee became the third South African woman to ever conquer Everest. The only woman in a group of 26 men, listen to Lee’s remarkable tale of her eight weeks in Nepal, in preparation for the summit to the top of the world’s highest peak. A novice climber, it was her sheer determination, she says, that kept her focused in minus 30 degree temperatures – that and her goal of raising funds for a childcare facility near Hartbeespoort. Her incredible tale of triumph and the messages she imparts are nothing short of moving.


15 September 2016

Braam Malherbe: “Success to Significance”

From his remarkable passion for uplifting youth through encounters in nature to his extraordinary achievements as an extreme adventurer, (running the length of the Great Wall of China, a total of 4218km in 98 days and enduring 768km of harrowing conditions in an unassisted ski-race to the South Pole), Braam Malherbe is a force of a man. An equally passionate philanthropist, Braam Malherbe’s passion for living a life with meaning is palpable. His talks are guaranteed to move you and to motivate you to make a difference through word and deed. Braam is a man who walks his talk – and what a fascinating walk it is.


22 September 2016

Colin Bell: “Surviving Rhino Extinction in the Wild – Rhino’s: The Past, Present and Future”

There are few people as well versed in the intricacies of wildlife conservation management in Southern Africa as Colin Bell. Co-founder of Wilderness Safaris, expert field guide, renowned rhino conservationist and author, Colin is one of the few people who has lived and worked through a rhino extinction in any country. He is a leader in creating sustainable and working safari partnerships with rural communities throughout Africa and his insights into the current situation and the outlook for the future is both sobering and inspiring. This talk will inspire you to go out and get involved and will also arm you with very real information.


9 October 2016

Chris Bertish: “Ocean Driven”

The only South African to have ever won the Mavericks big wave surfing competition, the owner of the record for the fastest English Channel crossing in 2013 and a Guinness World Record Holder for his 12 hour Open Ocean distance record, one might question whether Chris Bertish is a man or a fish. Fuelled by a desire to go further, bigger and further at every opportunity, Chris’s tales of his self-funded pursuits are at both inspiring and hard to take in. His next challenge involves a solo expedition, paddling 8000km across the Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Chris already holds the South African open ocean SUP 24-hour distance world record, but can he paddle a marathon a day for four consecutive months? Chris’s story of his next epic adventure is sure to have you shaking your head and marvelling at his sheer determination.

Each One&Only Guest Speaker Talk is held in the Ballroom and begins at 18h00 for 18h30, followed by dinner at Reuben’s One&Only. Each Talk is priced at R310 per person and includes the buffet dinner (excluding beverages). To book any of these Talks, please contact:

Restaurant Reservations +27 21 431 4511 or email: [email protected]

Adapted from a press release for IOL

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