South Africans are not impressed by Lion's Head closure. Picture: Supplied.
South Africans are not impressed by Lion's Head closure. Picture: Supplied.

Capetonians not impressed with Lion's Head closure

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jun 8, 2020

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Some Capetonians were left angered after the famed Lion’s Head hiking spot closed over the weekend after less than a week of reopening. 

Table Mountain National Park decided to close the section due to non-compliance by hikers. The organisation took to Twitter to share the news: “Dear Visitors @TableMountainNP management has made t/ decision to close t/ #LionsHead section of Table Mountain with immediate effect, until further notice. 

“Due to the nature of the trail, recreational activities are no longer permitted in these areas due to none compliance by users in accordance to the Alert Level 3 regulations of the Nationwide Lockdown.”(sic)

Twitter users were not impressed by the decision, claiming  it was unfair to those who complied with the regulations. 

User esmaralda9 commented: “What is the issue they did not comply with? I think this is unreasonable when churches and schools are open.” (sic)

@JacquesRentzke commented: “It's nice to have power. Punish all because you cannot manage a few?” (sic). 

User @TheBushFundi commented: “If it requires any effort to manage the situation @sanparks and @TableMountainNP just close it or ban it. They just can't be bothered or are incapable of actual management.” (sic)

User @Craig_Pote questioned why other hiking spots in Table Mountain National Park was closed. He commented: “100’s of examples all across this country of non-compliance to regulations and many are going unpunished. Yet you want to further restrict access to outdoor exercise which is permitted at any time? And if “nature of trail” means closure, why can’t Silvermine and Upper Tokai open?” (sic) 

User @disapool offered a solution: “Why not usefully employ the rangers to prevent congestion on busy days by turning people away at Kloof Nek and enforcing mask wearing at the start of the trail, rather than the lazy & blunt decision to shut down Lions Head for all? There were few mask wearing people on Thursday.” (sic) 

Lion’s Head remains closed until further notice.

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