Franschhoek is in the top 30 travel destinations for millennials. Pic Supplied.
Whether it’s solo travel or a bucket list once-in-a-lifetime trip, millennials are chomping at the bit to hop to experience what the world has to offer.

With the 2nd half of 2019 fast approaching most millennials make use of this time to plan their next holiday.  

Although millennials know what they want they also rely on some guidance, travel-planning sites like müvTravel has made it easier for them to plan their next holiday. 

They have recently released a list of the Top 30 Millennial Travel Destinations for 2019, and Franschhoek is the only listed South African destination.

The list was compiled by analysing the destinations which are most frequently added to their millennial users bucket lists. The data showed millennial travellers seek "memorable and original moments," as well as "activities that focus on sustainable and personalised local experiences".

Not only is Franschhoek regarded as South Africa’s Culinary Capital as well as one of the country’s premier wine producing regions, but research has shown that it is also one of the preferred travel destinations amongst local and international tourists.