Hudson's has several restaurants across the country

After an underwhelming build up to the tournament, the Russia 2018 World Cup has gotten off to a blistering start. The top teams have been less than impressive, and it’s the underdogs like Croatia, Belgium and Uruguay that’ve grabbed all the headlines thus far.

As the knockout rounds of the tournament draw near, many football fans will be looking for a cosy pub or restaurant to enjoy the football. 

One place worth checking out is Hudson’s - The Burger Joint. 

“We are loving the World Cup,” says Dave Raad, a co-owner of the franchise. “I’m supporting Brazil, but I don’t know what’s happening with all the big teams though - Argentina, Germany they’re all under pressure. It’s actually good for the World Cup.”

Hudson’s will be showing all the games and offering Budweiser (their beer of the month) for R20 per beer. I ask him how the idea for the special came about? 

“So, one of our biggest suppliers is obviously AB InBev and they’ve got Budweiser as their brand, so it just made sense to get Budweiser involved at the shop. It’s a big sponsor of the World Cup. We do a beer and burger of the month every month and we just said it’s about the World Cup this month and why don’t we make the whole thing about Budweiser as a really good price point for the World Cup. Customers are enjoying it. It’s also a beer that I think potentially not everybody’s tasted so I think once you’ve got it in their hand it’s quite an easy drinking beer.”

Apart from the special, Dave says Hudson’s also got a vibe that’ll make the World Cup come alive. “We’ve got TVs and gorgeous waitresses with excellent attitudes. And we’ve also got brilliant burgers, I can’t forget about those.” 

Many of the games also run over our Happy Hour, which runs from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. “It works out pretty well for us because people come on during one game and stay on for the next one afterwards.” 

The happy hour means that draught beers such as Hudson’s Pale Ale, Caste Lite, Black Label, Jack Black and their specially designed Boiler Maker (as well as a range of cocktails and gins) are on sale for half price. “From a food point of view we’ve also got our appetisers for half price. So we’ve got chicken strips, chilli poppers and a range of other stuff to enjoy during happy hour.”  

I visited Hudson’s in Parkhurst earlier in the week for the Saudi Arabia vs Egypt game. Despite the cold weather, the place was buzzing with football fans and other patrons who’d just come to enjoy the vibe and have some good food. I tried out the Boiler Maker and The Rockafella burger, which is made up of a 180 gram free range beef patty topped with Swiss cheese, pulled pork, pineapple and a fried egg. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about my evening was Saudi Arabia’s last minute winner that meant that yet another African team would be knocked out in the group stages.