Cape Town is the perfect backdrop to get those Instagram-worthy shots. Pictures: Supplied.
Cape Town is the perfect backdrop to get those Instagram-worthy shots. Pictures: Supplied.

PICS: Cape Town’s most Instagram-worthy spots

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Nov 28, 2018

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Passionate Instagrammers are always on the lookout for their next photo to add to their already social media feed. They can be found wandering through the busy city streets or standing dangerously close to a cliff’s edge trying to capture the ultimate shot. 

All this, in the hope of capturing the beauty around them from a unique perspective. With some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations found in Cape Town, it’s no wonder that so many people are travelling to the gorgeous Mother City.

So, for Instagrammers keen on capturing stunning shots at some of these destinations, here are some great spots to visit:  

Get photobombed by penguins at Boulders Beach

Cape Town is known for having some of the best beaches on the continent. But if there was one that stands out from the rest of them it would have to be Boulders Beach. This stunning beach is one of the worlds most visited and the only place you can get close to the African Penguin in its natural habitat.

While a particular treat for kids, Instagrammers will find this as the ideal spot to snap some pics in the hope of getting photobombed by these tuxedoed seabirds.

Snap a new profile pic on the Kirstenbosch Tree Canopy Walkway

If you’re planning on updating your profile pic, but struggling to find the best spot to show yourself in a great background, the Kirstenbosch Tree Canopy Walkway would be a perfect fit. There are plenty of Instagram-worthy spots all over the walkway. The only problem you’ll have is not having enough memory on your phone to capture them all. 

A tip: you might want to get there first thing in the morning.

Strike a ‘Look-away’ pose on Lion’s Head

 Pictures of sunsets will always win on Instagram. If you’re on the hunt for one of these, it’s an absolute must to capture them from Lion’s Head. So, gather some of your friends and do the full moon hike up the mountain, and you’ll find yourself in a great position for a breathtaking sunset. 

You might also perfect that look-away pose of yourself looking over the city centre.

Take an ‘Insta-walk’ up to the Cape Point Lighthouse

This is by far one of the most scenic destinations in the world with the most epic views across the Atlantic Ocean. There are so many amazing viewpoints, you could spend the day there finding hidden photo spots and you’ll have enough images to post on a daily basis.  

If you’re only there for a few hours make sure to capture some shots at the Dias Lookout and save some time by catching a ride up the Flying Dutchman Funicular and spare some energy for the flight of stairs up to the Lighthouse.

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