A street in Simons Town. Picture: Cape Town Tourism
In the video below, two prominent cities are placed in the spotlight as Cape Town Tourism showcases the spectacular natural and cultural experiences in the city, along with some history; from penguins, whales and ostriches to the graceful ships of the naval port.

The ultimate goal of this video created by Cape Town Tourism is to get the idea around the globalised "travel like a local" trend that sees travelers wanting to immerse themselves in more interactive activities and explore the 'hidden gems' of various tourist attracted cities that tourists may not have complete knowledge about because of the cities not being mainstream.

The video by Cape Town Neighbourhoods is available to all, allowing people to get a taste of the Western Cape through the video. 

"A guidebook can’t offer the same intimate experience as these videos, which offer a dynamic way to showcase local businesses and the kinds of things visitors would love to see and do. What’s important is that visitors are researching where to go by going online, so the videos literally place Cape Town in the hands of potential visitors via their devices", the association explained in a press release. 

The storytelling of various cities and towns in tourism videos are essential to equipping the tourist with an idea of the destination they are going to visit, as the video showcases the beautiful potential of Simonstown and Cape Point, as well as interesting places to see and fun experiences to be had. 

Take a look at the video on Cape Town Neighbourhoods: