A view from the pier in Doringbaai - Pic by Nathan Adams
On a road trip it's often the case that you whizz pass small towns in a rush to reach your final destination. If you're driving up the West Coast, be sure to slow down and stop over at Doringbaai.

The town lies in between Lutzville and Lamberts Bay, and has unspoiled views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The pier at the foot of the bay is a focal point for locals and tourists alike and is the pivotal location for everything that happens in Doringbaai. 

The pier at Doringbaai - Pic by Ilse van den Berg
I was part of a group who traveled to the West Coast to discover the wine being produced at Fryer’s Cove Winery - which has vineyards in the immediate vicinity. 
The entire wine-making process takes places at the pier in an old fisheries facility - a fascinating and unique feature of the winery. The locals are as  charming as the town so you will feel welcome wherever you go.

Accommodation doesn’t get more comfortable in Doringbaai than Misty Views self-catering
It’s around the corner from the pier and the ocean views but it more than makes up for it with it’s cottage cosines. The double storey house has 6 themed bedrooms  with a communal patio.

The decor is tasteful with touches of the ocean throughout. The lounge and the kitchen are shared spaces.

The kitchen at Misty Views in Doringbaai is a cosy space - Pic by Nathan Adams
The charm of Doringbaai will always be that it’s a fishing village. There is a legal abalone factory adjacent to the Fryer’s Winery on the pier and it’s worth a glance on your way to the Jetty Restaurant. 

The Jetty Restaurant is rustic and has been untouched by any commercial influence - it feels as if it was built by local fisherman, harking back to a time when communities in small towns would create a space for tourists to glimpse into their daily reality. 

The Jetty Restaurant in Doringbaai - Pic by Tammy Tinline
The restaurant to separate to the Fryer’s Cove Winery operations but they share resources and a common desire to serve the community while making visitors feel at home. Jetty Restaurant is part of the Doringbaai Development Trust and the kitchen is managed by men and women who live in Doringbaai and otherwise might not be employed. 

Chat to your waitron during your meal and you will instantly feel connected to the town and its people. 

You can taste the ocean in the wine #WineLove #wininganddining

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