Visiting your own city can have lots of benefits. There are many spots to check out in Cape Town, including Boulders Beach. Picture: Supplied.
Visiting your own city can have lots of benefits. There are many spots to check out in Cape Town, including Boulders Beach. Picture: Supplied.

Vacay in Cape Town

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Oct 10, 2018

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Everyone needs a holiday. So why not consider taking a vacation in your own city?  Cape Town has to offer by embracing the tourist mentality, and you’d be able to keep your wallet happy by exchanging flights with local taxis (or Ubers if you will). Here are a few places you can visit to have a taste of that tourist lifestyle you crave.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is known for its distinctive black and white African Penguins waddling around and relaxing on visitors’ beach towels or swimming around you while you go for a quick dip in the ocean. So, arrive early on a nice warm day, find the best picnic spot, grab a book and smile and wave to these beautiful sea birds.

If you’d like a closer look at how these penguins live their lives, there is a boardwalk to the other side of the beach where the main colony resides. Here, you can get a real close-up view of them eating, sleeping and chatting away. 

Tip: From 1 November SANParks will offer South African citizens the opportunity to visit both Cape Point and Boulders Beach at a reduced price, along with a new online ticketing system which prevents you from having to sit in long queues at these destinations. 

 Cape Point 

A day spent in Cape Point has much to offer both tourists and locals The tourist attraction is so popular, in fact, that it hit record visitor numbers back in 2016 with more than a million people coming through the gates.

You might think it’s worth a visit, perhaps for just a couple of hours, but the nature reserve has plenty on offer to keep the whole family entertained for an entire day’s visit. Be sure to catch a ride up the Flying Dutchman funicular (the only one of its kind in Africa) – a fun way to view some of the most breathtaking ocean and mountain scenery in the world. It also allows you to save your feet for some of the scenic trails where you could see more than 1 100 indigenous plant species (many of which grow nowhere else in the world).

Once you’ve gone through everything, you’ll need to regain your energy so settle down for a bite to eat at the Two Oceans Restaurant overlooking False Bay. 

P.S. From 1 November, Cape Point will be launching differential rates for the funicular. Save by using it in the morning: if you visit between 9am and 12pm, you pay R70 for a return ticket - that’s cheaper than the price after 12 noon. 

Robben Island

How about treating yourself to a  trip to one of the most iconic historic destinations in the country? Both South Africans and tourists are known to jump on board when it comes to visiting this iconic site. 

If a boat trip is not something you fancy, how about taking a scenic helicopter ride where you can get the type of view which is seen by few? You could visit the cell of our former president Nelson Mandela, where he resided for 18 of his 27 years of imprisonment. A trip like this is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences, and it will give you a deeper understanding of the commitment involved in working for freedom in South Africa.

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