There's a #CPTWinterSong to entice you to visit the Mother City. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)

Winter is here....and the team at Cape Town Tourism have launched a cheeky campaign to lure you to snuggle up under Table Mountain.

Domestic travelers are the target and there is a catchy tune and a few funny sketches to grab your attention.

The campaign is actually poking fun at the tourist traps in the Mother City, while still showing you that there's lots to do in Cape Town when it's a grey day, raining or the South-Easter is howling.

There are also a few fun cameos by the likes of Siv Ngesi, Luke Dale Roberts, Tali Babes, Ryan Sands, and is directed by Ari Kruger, recent winner of multiple South African Film & Television Awards in the comedy category.

Leigh Dawber, Cape Town Tourism Marketing Executive, says: “We cannot market Cape Town as we have always done. We need to connect with our fellow South Africans and welcome them to Cape Town in an unexpected way that gets their attention and makes them reconsider Cape Town for their winter break.”

WATCH: There's a #CPTWinterSong to entice you to visit the Mother City