Henry Coles Worlds Greatest Motorycyle Rides South Africa will be broadcast in more than 130 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Henry Cole undertakes a three thousand mile South African odyssey, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, in his latest adventure on two wheels. However, typical of any journey involving Mr Cole, he is determined to avoid the well-worn path, seeking out unique insights into South Africa's vibrant culture and landscape. 

For this trip, Henry has also decided to shun modern machinery and is attempting his mammoth trek on a specially commissioned replica of Steve McQueen's classic 1960s Desert Racer. To begin with, Henry is enjoying the South African climate but his bike isn't, as it's still stuck en route - Henry's not happy.

However, after being reunited with his Desert Racer, Henry enjoys some spectacular local hospitality including riding with a chapter of female riders in Soweto and marvelling at the beauty of the Kalahari Desert at sunrise. 

The gruelling adventure takes its toll on Henry's beloved bike, however, as the 42-degree heat and the off-road route conspire to make Cape Town a distant dream for the Desert Racer.

Ep 1: Preparing For The Adventure

Henry Cole is back, riding one of the most exciting routes in the world, a 4800 km ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Ep 2: Johannesburg West to the Kalahari Deserts

After what seems an eternity waiting, Henry Cole embarks on his 4800 km ride to Cape Town.

Ep 3: Kuruman to Loerisfontein

The town of Kuruman on the fringes of the Kalahari desert could well be Henry Cole's final resting place only 1200 km miles into this 4800 km adventure to Cape Town.

Ep 4: Loerinsfontein to Matjiesfontein

Henry Cole has now blown up two motorbikes on his way to here in Loerisfontein from Johannesburg! 

Ep 5: Matjiesfontein to Cape Town

Henry Cole's South African adventure is nearly at an end after having been on the road for three weeks, blowing up two bikes and facing huge setbacks.