The beach is the place to be this summer. Picture: Twenty20.

For South Africans, a summer holiday is not one without a trip to the beach. But, before you get started on your beach trip, here is a guide on how to enjoy the best beach day with your loved ones.


Take along a beach umbrella, especially with the summer heat in South Africa. Picture: Pexels/ Adriaan Greyling.

Bring an umbrella

South African summers can get pretty hot, therefore it is always a great idea to carry an umbrella to shield you from the blistering sun. Many beaches have people who rent out umbrellas, which makes it easier if you do not have space in the car to carry one.


No beach day is complete without some snacks. Pack a picnic bag with sandwiches, crisps, chocolates and if you want to be healthy, a salad or two.


Always carry sunscreen in your bag. No one wants to start 2018 with severe sunburn.

Fun and games

Building a sandcastle is a fun activity to get the family together. Picture: Pexels.

Build a sandcastle

Building a sandcastle can be hard work, but oh so fun. Grab the whole family together to create a castle that will leave other beach travellers in awe. If you travelling with other families, try to compete to see who makes the best one. Nothing says fun than a little conversation.

Create some fun games

Get creative and think of some cool games to play on the beach. Games of beach volleyball and frisbee are great, but families can create better games by jotting down a few ideas. You will be surprised at the number of ideas you can get if everyone puts their heads together.

Carry a book

For those who just want peace and quiet, carrying a book along with you. Nothing beats relaxing on the beach with a good book.

Beach time

South African beaches are stunning this part of the year. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Take a dip

Splash about in the water or take a swim. No beach day should end without dipping your feet in South African waters.

Enjoy the view

South Africa has some of the best beaches, therefore take a few minutes to appreciate it and take in the view.