WATCH: Springbok rugby player, Rynhardt Elstadt, hunts springbok in the Kalahari

Catch Cook is a newly launched YouTube channel is an adventure and lifestyle channel that promotes an ethical, sustainable and organic way of life, where people take responsibility for what they feed themselves and their families: Eat only what you trust - trust only what you harvest yourself.

This fishing, spearfishing, hunting, foraging, diving and organic farming lifestyle cooking channel believes that people can avoid cancer and other illnesses by not eating food that contain: antibiotics, GMO’s, pesticides, growth hormones, preservatives and excessive adrenaline caused by inhumane abattoir processes.

It is an international website, proudly started in South Africa, and was further developed to be a global community and audience that create conservation and natural resource management awareness - as well as the promotion of conscious organic consumption.

Watch the video here

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Catch Cook

Pieter Greeff

3 weeks ago

Lekker Rynhardt! Soort soek Soort!

GoSea Sailing

3 weeks ago

Good work guys - Im in SA right now doing some catch and cook vids as well! Ive teamed up with the extreme fishing guys in houtbaai. Very exciting! Stefan

Miguel Christie

3 weeks ago

Lekker Rynhardt...great video

Nicholas Knights

3 weeks ago

Awesome video 👌

Ziyaad Vogt

2 weeks ago

I hope you guys gave knoppe half of that meat

Paul Jooste

3 weeks ago

Good to see Reinhart finally winning a turnover at 7:49  **ek grap net voor almal my aanval.

Riaan Oosthuizen

3 weeks ago

Hoop julle het vir ou knoppe n kerrie sosatie gegee...hy kak seker nou nog!!


2 weeks ago

I wish there was a love button for this video. Amazing hunt guys. Only been hunting for three years with a great group out in Botswana. Did three hunts this year can't wait for next year's hunt. This is how we hunt!!!! Nou gaan ons braai!!!!!