According to fitness enthusiast Grace Nhlapo there's a lot of truth in this. Photo: Pintrest
On Instagram this week, we were treated to images of Idols SA judge Unathi Msengana serving slay on a beach somewhere nice in white swim wear. Msengana is certainly ready for summer. 


With this #fitspiration in mind, we decided that we'd catch up with certified boot camp instructor and founder of lifestyle brand Healthy 365, Grace Nhlapo to help us also get on our way to developing that much needed summer body.

According to Nhlapo, the first thing to do, is to make the decision to get active. She says that for her, getting the ultimate summer body is abs, arms to show off and killer legs. And she has just the remedy to get into shape. 

"You need to do work outs that target these specific parts of the body. It's also important to ease into the exercise so as to avoid any injuries," Nhlapo said. She has specific exercise routines that she suggests for different parts of the body. 

Nhlapo suggests leg raises, crunches and planks for your abs. If you're a beginner, it's always good to start off small, and work your way up. Your goal should be a set of 100 each day.


Here Nhlapo says to get going in this part of the body, push ups and dips are your best bet. Start at 10 times each arm per sitting and gradually work your way up. Your goal here is to get to do 30 per arm per sitting. 

Buns and Thighs

Here Nhlapo suggests that you do lunges. Start off small, but work your way up to 20 each leg. She says to also remember to research to correct techniques in order to avoid injuries. 

While these are just some tips to get you started, Nhlapo also suggests that you begin with changing your eating. "90% of the work comes in with changing how you eat. The other 10% is because we are all human and there are those occassional times, when you want to eat that chocolate or have a slice of cake,"she said. 

She advises that the best way to start is to eat a lot of vegetables, skinless chicken, lot's of fish and some lean protein. She also suggests that you cut unecessary fats, carbs and starches out of your diet. 

And, you should be well on your way to working on your summer body!

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