Zoe McDougall, 17, is ranked number 1 female in the pro junior division in Hawaii.

I have found that sports stars have all the fun, travelling to exotic countries while enjoying something they love. Over 150 surfers were welcomed to Durban for the Durban Surf Pro competition this past weekend. I was sent out an invite for their welcome party and got to learn about the art of surfing. I met two international players who have made their fans proud with their recent achievements. I met them at California Dreaming restaurant on the Durban promenade. Here are some of their travel memories.

Zoe McDougall, 17 Hawaii

South Africa is one of my favourite countries in the world and the place where my boyfriend was born. I will be in the country until the end of May, spending time in Jeffreys Bay where my boyfriend is from. I have visited Ballito last year and it was spectacular. It is definitely a place I will visit again.

Surfing has afforded me the opportunity to take in some of the most amazing parts of the world. We usually have a free day where we end up doing cool stuff, which gives me a chance to enjoy everything that country offers.

She has been to over 15 countries, including California, Brazil, France, Spain and Mexico.

When I plan a holiday I tend to plan away from surfing spots. I usually choose places I can relax and unwind.

I want to visit Mozambique or Scotland.

My next holiday is not planned as yet. I normally plan those closer to the time.

Kelly Norris, 22, Australia

South Africa is magical. It is my first time in Durban and I so badly want to go on a safari. I have been to Port Elizabeth and East London on competitions before. I find the country so beautiful and filled with so much to see and do.

Hawaii is my favourite place in the world. It's a stunning place to rest and surf.

Travelling for me is about taking in the sights and meeting new and different people.

I want to visit Madagascar. I heard so much about the country and want to experience its surfing spots and beauty.

The best holidays are in Indonesia. My friends and I visit every year, and every year we learn something new.

My next holiday will be in Bali in December. I am looking forward to being with loved ones and resting after a busy surfing year.

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