The Golden Gate Highlands National Park are just some of the spots to get a good Instagram picture.

Taking pictures at landmark sites are not fun if you do not post them up on Instagram. The Free State is just bursting with a number of places where one can create those memories. Its natural environment not only showcases its beauty, but is also great for selfies. Here are some places to visit that will help you get that picture perfect shot.

Vredefort Dome

Vredefort Dome, is the world's largest and oldest known meteorite impact site. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Free State is believed to have struck earth two billion years ago. Scientists gauge that the meteorite was 10km in diameter, larger than South Africa's Table Mountain. According to the South African Tourism website, it is estimated the impact vaporised 70 cubic kilometres of rock, leaving a 300km-diameter crater. This crater is now visible by a ring of hills, northwest of the impact point, called the Vredefort Hills. Visitors can enjoy an array of activities including hiking, horse riding, abseiling and canoes around Vredefort Dome.

 The Free State Botanical Gardens

The Free State Botanical Gardens, located in Bloemfontein, is filled with roses and other colourful flowers that sets the tone for great Instagram photographs. Known as the City of Roses, the gardens opened in 1969 and has over 400 species of plants from the region. There are over 50 species of reptiles in the gardens and almost as many mammal species. They come out during the wilderness walks. Other attractions include the water-wise garden, the medicinal garden, the succulent garden and the bird garden with 140 bird species.

The Golden Gate Highlands National Park

The Golden Gate Highlands National Park is a protected area  known for its sandstone features  including caves, overhangs, rock shelters and cliffs, such as Gladstone's Nose and Titanic.  It rests at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. The Sentinel buttress, one of the famous structures, is an iconic symbol of the national park.  Not only does the place provide great accommodation options, it also showcases its diverse beauty.