You'll enjoy a special opportunity to dine with the locals.
You'll enjoy a special opportunity to dine with the locals.

The essence of Asia

Time of article published Aug 21, 2014

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”I just love Chinese food. My favourite dish is number 27.” - Clement Attlee, British Politician

We all love our local Chinese restaurant, sushi or noodle bar, but how much do we really know about the traditions, ingredients, customs and flavours involved in preparing, and eating, authentic Asian food?

Let Trafalgar introduce you to the true essence of Asia, and you'll never look at a Chinese menu the same.

Exclusive to Trafalgar, Be My Guest dining experiences capture the true essence of Asia as only an insider can. You'll enjoy a special opportunity to dine with the locals; experience their warm hospitality, learn traditional customs and etiquette and enjoy a delicious meal prepared with local ingredients, in ways you never could if travelling on your own.


Hutong Family, Beijing, China

In China, travel by rickshaw to meet a local family, who will welcome you into their traditional Hutong home for a delicious lunch of local specialties. Meander through the historic narrow streets of courtyard houses on a fascinating rickshaw tour, learning about the cultural significance of hutongs to Beijing.

When it's time to eat, start off with an appetizer of fried spicy peanuts and bean noodles seasoned with sesame sauce, followed by a mouth-watering feast of authentic Chinese dishes; try the Kung-Po chicken, deep fried meatballs and beef stew with potato, but save room for the incredible home-made dumplings!


Vietnamese Herb Farm, Hoi An, Vietnam

You'll experience a real taste of rural Vietnamese life at the home of Mr Tran Quoc Tuan and his family, on their herb farm in the Tra Que village, just outside of Hoi An. Tour the farm with the owners to learn about the types of herbs and vegetables produced and the different cultivation techniques, before enjoying a relaxing herbal foot massage.

Begin your authentic Vietnamese lunch with a special traditional dish of the Tra Que village, Tam Huu (tiger prawns wrapped in pork belly with a Vietnamese mint sauce - YUM!). Feast on Crispy Cam Ha pancakes with shrimp, marinated prawns and grilled eggplant pork, amongst a seemingly endless array of delicious, freshly prepared local dishes.


Traditional Japanese Ryokan, Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, you're invited to lunch at a traditional Japanese Ryokan hosted by the land lady, to learn about the Japanese custom of Omotenashi Hospitality and indulge in regional cuisine. Prepare to be amazed by the hosts' exceptional warmth and generosity; Omotenashi is about ensuring guests feel relaxed and happy and anticipating their needs with amazing attention to detail. This experience will be one to remember.

The Ryokan home was built in 1932 as the former villa of Higashi Fushimminomiya, uncle of the current Emperor Akihito. As you sit down to lunch, a seasonal Waka Poem hand written in calligraphy and expressing the hosts' deep gratitude, is laid beside your plate. It's a special touch - and a perfect keepsake of the spirit of Omotenashi.

Begin this unforgettable lunch with appetizers of Herring Rose with shimeji mushroom and mouth-watering sashimi, before feasting on duck scallops, Dashimaki eggs and fried oysters, just to name a few!

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius emphasised that the art of cooking encompassed more than the food itself - it was also about sharing the meal with others.

Enjoy an exclusive Be My Guest experience in China, Japan, Vietnam or Thailand on a guided holidays in Asia. For more information:

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