The view from the KwaThula Too Seaside Cottage in Paternoster. Picture: Supplied

Your eyes do not deceive you, while the fourth May have been with you yesterday, today is revenge of the fifth!

This doesn’t mean you should come to the dark side. It’s just a… suggestion that you search your feelings … and try these spots around South Africa where you can get your Anakin ON! But in a less twisted way… 
Yep, we’ve found some spots around our pretty part of the world that are just like Naboo, Hoth and Tattooine. 
Now come with us to a galaxy not so far, far away… 

Live like Luke Skywalker!
Let’s start in Tattooine, where a young farm boy dreamt of going beyond his uncle’s fields and finding adventure in far-off places. 
Thankfully, our own desert towns are no wretch hives of villainy or scum. Spend a few nights at the Corbelled House in the Northern Cape town of Carnovon and witness the wonders of our Milky Way galaxy in the clear skies of the Karoo. 

One of only 40 in South Africa, these little houses were built in the 1700s and bear a bit of a resemblance to Uncle Owen’s little Tattooine abode where Luke grew up. 

This Carnavon getaway is perfect for us stargazers.

Our native Naboo
Fancy a few nights away with your Padme or Anakin? Then pack your bags and head to the West Coast. This little strip in the Western Cape is known for the burst of bright and beautiful blooms when Spring rolls in. Book at Linton’s Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge where there’s a field just a walk away. 

Or if you want to do some surfing, there’s the KwaThula Too Seaside Cottage in Paternoster. It’s practically right on the beach. Who knows, maybe if Anakin rode some waves he would have been less stressed and things would have turned out differently for him…

Hoth my broer
South Africa’s climate doesn’t exactly allow for the icy plains one finds on planet Hoth and, although, we all love a good winter’s day, few of us have the will to make it through a night in a windy, stormy, snowy Antarctica-like place. 
Luckily, we do have some places that see a bit of snow in the winter whilst still being somewhat bearable for our mild temperature-loving hearts. 
When the winter sets in, the Drakensberg mountain region turns into one of the country’s coldest regions and it’s about as Hoth as it gets. The perfect place to see the snow-capped mountains is the Inkuzi Cave.    

Yes, yes, feel the desire to do your Darth-est flow through you. You know it to be true…