The Tailspin Ride from the Wings and Waves Water Park. Photo: Supplied

Some of the best places to enjoy fun in the sun in North America. These water rides are either extremely fast, extremely high or are just really innovative. We've put together a list of five; we'll tell you what it is, and why we think it's cool.

1. Rides at Wings and Waves Water Park, Oregon 
These rides carry the themes of aviation, with some of them designed to give you the sensation of flying through water. One such example is the Tailspin, which is a combination of physics, an enclosed tube, bursts of light during the ride, water and lots of thrill. 

2. The Discovery Plunge at King Pointe Resort 
Riders choose which imagery they’d like to see on the ride, and then, in the midst of drops and curves within a series of enclosed tunnels, multicolor lights and holographic images appear. It ups the water-slide game considerably, and may very well be every Iowan kid’s anti-drug.

3. Black Anaconda at Noah's Ark Water Park 
The waterpark's website claims that this is America's most thrilling ride. The ride is fashioned after the anaconda ''swallowing'' people whole. 


 4. Wildebeest, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Santa Claus Indiana
The site also claims that this is one of the world's best ride. It's long, it's quite a drop. It begins with a conveyor ride up to where the ride beings, then you drop for about three metres and then you are propelled up seven hills, through two underground tunnels and around a spiral. Talk about adventure. So, are you game? 

5. Scorpion's Tail, Noah's Ark Water Park

This is another one from Noah's Ark. And it will  turn your ideas about water slides upside down. It's about 33 meters high, 121 meters wide. Its a nearly vertical water slide. 

With all these thrilling water slides to choose from, which one is your favourite?