Packed suitcase with books. Photo: Pexels.
The world is becoming much smaller because of the internet. As a result,  we can plan a well deserved trip to anywhere in the world we may see fit. Here is a list of some of the five things you should never leave home without. 

1. The little black dress

Whether you're on business or pleasure trips, the little black dress is one of the essential items that must be in your bag. It's great for all of those emergency dinners where you need to look like a million bucks at the drop of a hat. You will thank yourself for packing it when you're sitting at that dinner table making a first impression and a half!

2. Hot water bottle (especially in Winter) 

        The hot water bottle. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

The brochure and the reviews are great and all, but sometimes you find yourself in a place where additional warmth is necessary. If you have your bottle packed and ready to rumble, you wont suffer sleepless nights from the cold while on vacation. Do it. Get your heat! 

3. Shawl/scarf

Even if you're heading to an island vacation, it would be a really good idea to pack a light shawl. Make sure it fits in with the general colour scheme of your clothing, and it can save you when you least expect it. 

4. Trusted pair of jeans

        Jeans. Photo: Pixabay 

We all have that pair of jeans that makes us look amazing. It's your go-to-jeans when you need a pick up, and you want to look amazing. So why would you leave it at home? The wardrobe is certainly not going to rock them. 

5. Killer shoe

Whether you're a flat shoe or killer heel kind of woman, you know that shoe that makes you feel like Michelle Obama's best friend. It captures attention, its comfortable and to die for. Make sure to never leave it behind. Imagine yourself pairing that shoe with your little black dress...winning combo. Amazing. 

Things that didn't make it into the list but are important: *the perfect shade of lipstick , * make up bag, *emergency skin routine items *the blazer 

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