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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Things to do in South Korea now that travel restrictions are lifted

Busan Bridge. South Korea is set to lift quarantine for non-vaccinated foreigners. With that being said, here are some things to do and see. UNSPLASH

Busan Bridge. South Korea is set to lift quarantine for non-vaccinated foreigners. With that being said, here are some things to do and see. UNSPLASH

Published Jun 3, 2022


South Korea has many attractions, from the tasty foods to the traditional and majestic buildings and cultural experiences. It brings about a mixture of ancient and present-day culture infused through the busy streets, where you will find tasty food and majestic palaces to see.

This is but a droplet in the bucket for the many adventures you can experience in South Korea

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Eat traditional dishes

One of the things that is a ‘must-try’ is the food.

In South Korea you can enjoy some of the well-known tasty treats such as; bulgogi, japchae, and gomguk along with a variety of traditional banchan dishes such as flavoured kimchi, bap (rice) and gogumasun namul (sweet potato shoots).

The variety of street foods in Seoul will blow your mind and your taste buds. . The major market areas are filled with food stalls or pojangmachas which concentrate on food from around the country.

Visit the temples

There are 900 Buddhist temples around the country.

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Each one is unique and tributes to Buddha includes statues, meditation halls, and ceremonial tearooms.

What makes it even more interesting, is that temple stays are becoming very common in South Korea. While you are staying in one of the temples, you will be able to meditate with the monks and learn more about Buddhism.

Bongwonsa Temple is a favourite temples that travellers like to experience. It has 13 buildings, enriched with colour and culture.

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Garden Island – Oedo Botania

Being in nature comes with a sense of peace just by looking at it. Oedo Botania is a well -known botanical garden open to visitors year-round.

Visitors will be able to experience some of its unique European Rome-style architecture and sculptures.

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Amusement Parks

Unleash your inner child at the various amusement parks in Seoul. You certainly won’t have enough time to visit all of them, but Everland Amusement Park, one of the most popular parks, has something for everyone with 5 zones: Global Fair, ZooTopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure.

Jeju-si Island

Located off the southwestern coastline of the Korean peninsula is the picture perfect island of Jeju-si. The island consist of a Geopark, a Biosphere Reserve as well as cultural heritage sites.

The Island will enlighten you on its traditions, history and the natural beauty.

Some of the things to see on the island include Loveland, where love and sex is celebrated through sculptural works.

If you are feeling energetic you can also climb to the top of Mount Hallasan, which enjoys magnificent vistas. It is a shield volcano on Jeju Island; the highest point of South Korea and second-highest mountain in Korea overall.

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