If you visiting India for the first time, here are some tips to consider.

India is filled with rich culture, cuisine and historical landmarks, but there are some tips you will need to know before visiting. Clinton Moodley provides his.

Dress modestly

Anyone who ever has been to India will tell you that dressing up modestly is something that travellers should follow. India is a very conservative country and they are strong in their faith and beliefs. While no one is asking you to wear traditional Indian wear, dressing appropriately while on tours is essential if you do not want to irk  the locals.

There is going to be noise, lots of it…

India is a bustling city filled with tuk tuks, road side markets and lots of Bollywood music, so if you planning a visit try to take that into consideration. Take along earplugs with you to block out the noise.

Visit small villages

There is nothing more joyous that exploring the little villages India has to offer. One would have a different view of the locals when they visit as they witness their daily lives, some without any technology.


India may have warm people, but like any country crime can happen. Try to avoid walking alone, through dark alleys or in strange places that is not part of your itinerary. Pickpocketing and scams are rife in India and your belongings can be swiped in seconds without you knowing. While it's great to be adventurous in a new place, being cautious is equally important.


Try to make sure that you carry the necessary medication to help when those terrible food problems arise. Many travellers spent days in their hotel room due to food related issues, which can be frustrating when you have a planned schedule. Try to steer clear of the street food, and if you do partake, try to make sure it's cooked or boiled.

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