Bus travel opens your eyes to some of the best sites in the country.
MORE and more people are swapping local flights for bus travel . It's quite the alternative should you consider travelling shorter routes to places like Johannesburg and Limpopo. I decided to take a 16 hour bus ride to Port Elizabeth last month, much to the disapproval of my friends.

"Why are you travelling with a bus?" one of them asked.

My response: "What's so bad with taking a bus?"

I was quite keen on taking a bus to another city. Although I was really tired after the journey, it was a good experience. I traveled on business class on the Greyhound dreamliner.

The seats were super comfy and the bus has in charging facilities that helped me stay connected throughout the journey.  The stops were brief, but it helped me to walk about and grab food to eat.  Teas and biscuits were distributed throughout the ride.It's not expensive at all. According to marketing manager of Greyhound, Ilza Nel, travelling by bus during peak seasons will be up to 50% less than travelling by airplane.

Nel said bus travel has become a firm favourite among South African travellers.

"Some people want to experience the open road and it's scenery, catching a glimpse of South African beauty.

‎"More and more people are taking the bus to their travel destinations.  It is convenient to travel by bus. There are areas in South Africa where airplanes do not have access or the capability to land. With our extensive coverage, our coaches are able to connect remote areas with ease,”  she said.

Greyhound transports around 1.4 million passengers and cover 25 million kilometres every year. There are over 140 routes across Southern Africa including Harare, Bulawayo and Maputo.

Bus travel has evolved to now offering video-on-demand streaming service which allows passengers to stream movies, via complimentary Wi-Fi, using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. This is a first in the South African travel industry. I will admit the WiFi did not work on my device.

For the bus skeptics, I urge you to take a ride. It will be the ride of your life.

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