There is nothing better than family time Here are some tips.

There is nothing worse than having a family holiday and everyone goes their separate ways. These are the times when you can spend quality time with your loved ones away from the stresses of work and city life. Clinton Moodley lists his 5 tips when it comes to enjoying a family break.

Book a no wifi destination

Free wifi can be a blessing and a curse, but more of a curse if you want the trip to be solely for family time. I suggest you book a location that has limited wifi access as it gives time for everyone to reconnect and spend more time with each other. If you absolutely must, carry along a modem that can be used only in emergencies.

Switch off

My best holidays are the ones that involve no technology. Many of us get so preoccupied in posting on social media that they lose the true essence of a family break. Teenagers can be strong headed when it comes to switching off their phone, but it helps build conversation and clears the mind. Try this for a few hours and you will see how great your holiday will become.

Have a game night

Nothing says a family break than a game night. From Scrabble, Monopoly to 30 Seconds these games can bring together a family, or cause chaotic fun, in minutes. If you are not into board games, add to the fun by creating your own games.

Have dinner together and go around sharing stories

Often families rarely connect because they have no time for good conversation. A meal together once a day can help open the flow of communication. I suggest you start with light hearted stories, suggestions and places you want to travel. Besides, travel is always a conversation starter.

Go out sightseeing and take part in the activities

Go out and have fun. Family breaks are meant for making memories to share with future generations. Research the list of activities on offer at your destination and book at least 3, depending on the duration of your stay. Try some activities that are in sync with nature like horse riding, wilderness walks, visits to national parks or adrenaline fuelled activities like watersports or paint ball.

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