A sunset sailing trip. Picture: Waterfront Charters

Being in beautiful calm waters with just you and the deep blue sea can be a wonderful experience. While it's possible to take up the sport of sailing, this list features some of the spots you must sail in, and the luxury cruise and charter companies that provide services in the area. 

1. V & A Waterfront, Western Cape 

This is a scenic route that offers you some of the more popular sights along the way. People in the know have described the waters of the Atlantic Ocean as cold but the scenic nature of the route is bound to keep you coming back for more. Some companies like Waterfront Charters offer visitors the opportunity to have a sunset champagne cruise. The cruises are family friendly, with sparkling juice being offered for young children. 

2. Vaal River 

The Vaal river is one of the only bodies of large water that is in close proximity to Johannesburg. An almost two hour drive, it is a welcome excursion for those wishing to be away from the hustle and bustle of city. The water in this area is fed by Vaal and Wilge Rivers. There are many options to those who want to go sailing in the area. The best source to locate things to do or a restaurant or two, is the Inland Sailing portal. 

         Sailing down the Vaal River. Photo: Vaal Rawdh

3. Knysna

After the fire disaster that hit town, one of the ways that the town can be salvaged is through pushing tourism activities to the town again. One of the companies that provide sailing in the town are Spring Tide Charters. They provide tours on the ocean of various lengths, the longest being four hours. 

          A sunset cruise in Knysna. Photo: Springtide Charters