5 pet peeves your fellow passengers may not like. Picture: Fodors.

If you travel on a train regularly, you may know of some people who annoy other passengers with their bad habits. As passengers, it is important that one practices etiquette when travelling on a train. Here are some peeves that fellow passengers often dislike:

Peeve 1: Not being courteous  of other passengers

Ever had an experience where you want to get out of the train, but the passengers wanting to get in hogs the doorway? Well, most of us have experienced this. Wait until passengers have departed before going in. It's rude to squeeze in while people are trying to get out.

Peeve 2: Passengers who do not want to give up their seat to pregnant women, elderly

You enter a train and you spot a seat to your left. Perfect, you think to yourself, as you try to get to the seat. Once seated, you get comfortable. A few steps away is an heavily pregnant women standing, you ignore her as your seat is to comfortable to leave. Do not be this kind of traveller. Be kind to anyone who may face a disability, is pregnant or the elderly as it's the right thing to do.

Peeve 3: Do not eat in the train

If there is a sign that says no eating, obey the rule. There are passengers who take eat on the train to the annoyance of other passengers. If you feeling hungry or need to eat for medical reasons, ask the attendant for permission.

Peeve 4: Passengers who do not maintain personal space

There will always be one passenger who absolutely refuses to maintain personal space. They often shove their bag in your face if they are standing or squeeze into you while seated. Maintain boundaries, even if the train is full.

Peeve 5: Passengers who speak loudly

Need we say more? No one wants to hear about the business deal that went wrong? Or the fact that your child is getting married...Try to speak at a tone that will not disturb other passengers.