Travellers also have a few nightmares, here are some that American travellers fear. Picture: Pexels.

Travelling can be all fun-until of your worst nightmares happen.

A survey was conducted online between August 10 to August 28, 2018, by OnePoll sampled 2,000 American adults (aged 18 and older) who have travelled by plane. The survey was commissioned by AIG Travel, a global leader in travel insurance and assistance solutions, the survey also examined modern travel etiquette on flights.

Here are 10 most extreme travel nightmares that the travellers revealed:

1: Having a man die one row over on the plane.
2: Passengers joked about a bomb threat on the plane, delaying the flight.
3: Being choked by another passenger.
4: Three emergency landings before arrival at the destination.
5: Rerouted when almost there after being struck by lightning.
6: Being vomited on by a child.
7: Breaking a foot after getting tangled in a suitcase strap.
8: Spending five nights in an airport because hotel accommodations fell through.
9: Flying in a thunderstorm and being asked to get in crash position for the landing.
10: Getting robbed/pickpocketed.

Source: SWNS Media Group.