Some African countries were revealed to be dangerous locations. Picture: Pixabay.
Some African countries were revealed to be dangerous locations. Picture: Pixabay.

2020's most dangerous countries: Is your next destination safe for travel?

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Nov 28, 2019

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When booking a holiday, safety should be your biggest priority. 

Some travellers tend to neglect the safety factors when travelling to a destination, often being bowled over by its attractions. 

International SOS, a medical and travel security risk services company, has released its 11th annual Travel Risk Map. The map shares insight into the most dangerous places to travel in 2020. 

According to the Sun, the company analysed three major risk factors in all countries: medical, security and road safety.

Matthew Bradley, regional security director at International SOS, told Forbes that the number one risk for 2020 comes from geopolitical shifts. Bradley said civil unrest is generated from inequality and people wanting to have a different situation in their country than they had in the past. “We've seen that most notably in Hong Kong, in other lower-risk countries like Chile and some higher-risk countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Lebanon.”

Six African countries made up the top 6. 

Mali, located in West Africa, tops the list as one of the most dangerous travel destinations for 2020. 

Mali posed an extreme threat for travellers both in security and medical aspects. 

Libya, Nigeria, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Somalia also proved big security, medical and road safety threats.

It was reported that over two-thirds of Africa also had more than 25 road deaths for every 100 000 citizens. 

Other destinations making up the top 13 include Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Israel and Pakistan. 

South Africa, on the other hand, showed a low medical risk but displayed an extreme security risk. 

Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Andorra, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Svalbard received high safety ratings.

For travellers who want to suss out their destination, try International SOS interactive map, which will share details of the destination before you consider planning a trip there. 

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