Ayanda Thabete at LUX* Belle Mare in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram.

Actress, model, television host are just some of the hats South African beauty Ayanda Thabethe wears. We caught up with the beauty to find out more about her travels.

First holiday memory?

My family and I lived a very modest life when I was young. My early holiday memories included visiting different townships in Durban and seeing my relatives and connecting with my cousins during school holidays. It was something I looked forward to every holiday. I was especially fond of my grandmother’s cooking. The aroma of her cooking usually hit us the minute we opened the door.

Best holiday?

Mauritius has my heart. From the warm-shallow seas, to the friendly people, the most ideal snorkeling location in the world, beautiful resorts and the delicious food, it’s one destination I can’t get enough of.

Greatest travel luxury?

I love being chauffeured around. I find the travel systems around the world stressful.

Best meal abroad?

I had the best tacos in a restaurant in Ibiza . I will never forget it. It  set the standard for all tacos for me and ever since I had tacos in that restaurant, none that I have tasted compared.

Favourite city?

I loved the hustle and bustle of New York. The euphoria that fills the city is second to none. It’s almost as if everyone is content being themselves and enjoying their individual journey. It’s electric.