British Airways flight attendant Natalie Flindall was suspended after her boyfriend and pilot fought in Singapore. Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency. ( ANA ).

Layovers allow the cabin crew time to rest, relax and explore the destination. 

Some end up indulging in a drink or three.

For British Airways flight attendant Natalie Flindall it was the layover from hell. 

The flight attendant, who is believed to have worked at the airline for the past three years, thought it would be a great idea to bring her boyfriend on the trip, but she could have not imagined that this simple act would get her suspended. 

According to the Mirror, Flindall is under investigation for allegedly bringing her partner onto the flight. It is uncertain what consequences the pilot would face.

The Sun reported that Flindall’s boyfriend “wrestled” with the pilot in the reception area of a Singapore hotel where staff stayed at during their layover. 

The Sun reported that some of the crew members got drunk from alcohol they allegedly smuggled off the BA in-flight trolley. Flindall's boyfriend was one of the drunk men and is believed to have started the fight. The exact reason for the cause of the fight is unknown. 

British Airways told the publication that they expected “the highest standard of behaviour from our colleagues and will always take the appropriate action.”

The incident isn't the first time cabin crew were involved in fights. 

In 2016, two Delta airline flight attendants fought onboard a flight from Los Angeles. The situation caused the pilot to make an unscheduled landing.

The Telegraph reported that the pilot told air traffic control he "wanted to hear from his cabin crew."

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