The Asians Qingdao International Beer Festival – Asian Oktoberfest is a hit and soon South Africa's National Beer Day may just be as popular.

Many South African beer lovers travel far and wide to attend some of the world’s prestigious beer festivals each year.

These world’s leading countries hosts annual beer festivals that connects hundreds of travellers together as they unite for their love of beer.

This year, South Africa will host the first South African National Beer Day this Saturday, February 4th.

With a series of events hosted across the country, you too can enjoy a pint of beer anywhere.

Beer writer Lucy Corne said the idea to host a series of events was about people coming together to enjoy a beer and celebrate the diversity of the drink in South Africa.

“While there is an International Beer Day, which is celebrated to some extent in South Africa, this is a northern hemisphere initiative timed to fall within their summer. While beer drinking is a year-round pastime, nothing quite demands a cold beer like a hot, sunny South African day,” she said.

Corne consulted brewers, bar owners and beer lovers around the country to vote on social media for an appropriate date for South African National Beer Day (SANBD).

“There is no one large event, but the idea is to get beer lovers to celebrate their beloved beverage and to introduce as many new people as possible to new styles of beer at different locations within the country,” she added.

Globally, some of the leading countries enjoy a pint or five at their beer festivals.  

In Germany, the big Oktoberfest experience takes place on September 16th. The mayor of Munich will once again shout “O’Zapft is!” or “It is open” and the 18 days of beer swilling will begin. An average of almost 7 million people visit the festival.

In New Zealand, the Beervana festival takes place on August 11-12 at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington. Big on beer, the New Zealanders go all out for the festival that mixes interactive themed bars, innovative collaborations, all paired with good food.

Amsterdam celebrates the Bokbier festival in October where they mix their signature bokbier with music.

The Asians Qingdao International Beer Festival – Asian Oktoberfest is so popular that it is held in three locations, including the Golden Sands Beach, Century Plaza and the  International Horticultural Exhibition Center in Licang District.

Even the country of flowing champagne France holds a beer festival called the Mondial de la Bière Mulhouse that will take place on February 17 to 19 at the Mullhouse Exhibition Park.

Lesotho recently hosted the Africa Beer Festival in November.

Where to go in South Africa:

Whether you want to have a beer in sunny Durban or Cool Cape Town, many events across the country include beer open days, mini beer festivals, beer pong competitions, beery lunches and brewing demos.


Gauteng options include Beerhouse Centurion and Beerhouse Fourways offering 25% off selected South African beers while Bosheuvel Country Estate in Muldersdrift is running specials on food and the beer brewed at the on-site microbrewery.

Western Cape

In the Western Cape, the activities include a mini beer festival with six craft beers on tap, German food and vinyl DJs at Stoep & Swing in Simon’s Town, and an invite from Woodstock Brewery in Woodstock to join for the release of two new beers, brewed especially for SANBD  – a Märzen and an Imperial Pilsner.”


In KwaZulu-Natal, Hillcrest homebrewers club East Coast Brewers will host a brewday where they will try to recreate Elvis Juice, from famed Scottish brewery BrewDog. And in the North West Province, Wort Hog Brewers with Lazy Lizard Brewery in Broederstroom will have a communal brewday – bring along your homebrew kit and ingredients and brew the same recipe together.