British Airways apologises to passengers for not serving breakfast on Joburg-London flight

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Published Jul 24, 2023


Usually, passengers on British Airways would be complaining or complimenting their on-board breakfast, but sadly those who were on flight BA56 on July 20 have no reviews as breakfast was not served.

The passengers on the 11-hour British Airways flight from Johannesburg to London, Heathrow, had to skip breakfast as the cabin crew did not get enough sleep.

In a statement sent to IOL, a British Airways spokesperson confirmed that some customers did not receive the most important meal of the day.

“We're very sorry that some of our customers didn't receive a full breakfast service on this flight,” read the statement.

The statement shed light on how the cabin crew did not manage to get enough rest on the overnight flight.

Cabin crew and pilots rest in a special crew rest compartment which are private cubicles with bunk beds during long flights.

However, on this flight the rest area had been removed, which meant the crew did not get enough sleep.

“Legally, cabin crew require a minimum rest period during the flight, and unfortunately, this was hampered due to their rest area being taken out of use after departure.”

In these circumstances, the crew would have to rest in a normal Business Class seat and take a longer rest period, even if it means breakfast not being served.

“We were able to offer an amended breakfast to customers in Club World and First, with a beverage service offered in our World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins,” continued the statement.

The statement however did not mention whether passengers received any form of compensation for the inconvenience.