Pres Ramaphosa with the pilots.

In true British Airways (operated by Comair) style, President Cyril Ramaphosa was given an unofficial inauguration and welcoming onboard BA flight BA6212 on Monday, April 23. The president was travelling from Durban to Johannesburg.

British Airways honoured the President by sending first-time flyer and praise poet, Lutendo Evans Mugagadeli commonly known as “Vendaboy Poet” to give the president the warmest British Airways welcome on board. The Venda speaking praise poet, has recently mentioned in an interview with the Limpopo Mirror that it will only be an honour for him to meet and serve the newly elected South African President as his official praise poet. Not only, does British Airways live its brand promise “Fly to Serve”, but in true South African spirits it today made this come true by flying and serving President Ramaphosa with a royal presidential welcome.

Pres Ramaphosa with one of a British Airline air hostess.
Pres Ramaphosa and Vendaboy get acquainted.

Besides the royal welcome, it seems that President Ramaphosa  and Vendaboy got on quite well.