Booking business-related trips in advance have many benefits for travellers. Picture: Supplied.

Business travellers will know that it is hard to determine when you will be flying out for a work-related trip. 
However, the sooner one book their trip, the better their chances at planning your schedule to balance home and work life. 
A survey done in the UK revealed that 40% of women preferred to arrange their travel between two weeks and a month in advance. 
This gave them sufficient time to organise childcare and prepare everything at home.
Andrew Grunewald, FCBT Brand Leader, said booking in advance does not only benefit the home life, but it also helps the company save money.
"The company can save up to 21% of its travel spend by simply booking flights in advance. Business travellers can pay up to 200% more for airfares purchased one day out from travel,” said Grunewald. 
Modipadi Phoku from Amazing Africa said business travellers can use the money that they have saved to pay off another service like transfers, a meal or activity.