Danny Glover. Picture: Supplied/Bang Showbiz

Hollywood actor Danny Glover has joined AirBnB as an advisor to try and get more people of colour to use the home-rental service site.

The Hollywood actor, best known for his roles in 'The Color Purple' and the 'Lethal Weapon' franchise, wants to ensure various ethnic groups are taking advantage of the service, which allows people to rent their spare rooms or houses out for short periods.


Writing in a blog post, the 71-year-old African American said: "I know AirBnB has had its own share of challenges in this arena. But working with them, I've seen first-hand how committed they are to getting it right. We will host information sessions and run online and offline campaigns aimed at engaging the people who can benefit from home sharing the most. As an advisor, I will be on the ground doing whatever I can to promote these efforts - participating in training and events, working with local organisations and faith-based leaders and getting to know more of the hosts who empower our communities."


Research revealed 13 per cent of white members of the US public have used the home-rental service compared to the low five per cent of non-whites, Pew Research found.

Danny said: "AirBnb also allows communities traditionally underserved by the tourism industry to reap the financial rewards of travel, with the share of AirBnb bookings in communities of colour in some major cities exceeding the share of local hotel rooms that can be found in them."

With Danny being hired as an advisor is AirBnB's attempt to get rid of racism on its service after it instituted a mandatory no discrimination policy that must be signed by all guests and hosts.

Following the white supremacy marches in Charlottesville, the home-rental service found bookings made by them and kicked them off the site.
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