The amount of space for economy-class passengers in the US has steadily declined over the decades since deregulation in the 1970s.

London - A plane travelling to Turkey from Newcastle, England was forced to divert to Bulgaria after a “drunk” woman allegedly started kicking, punching and head-butting doors and windows on board.

The Thomas Cook aircraft with 213 passengers on board was en-route to Dalaman last Sunday when the pilot took the decision to land at Sofia Airport, such was the seriousness of the disruptive passenger’s behaviour.

Bulgarian police were in attendance when the plane landed and the woman, who had been handcuffed in the cabin by an off-duty police officer, was removed from the plane. Alan O’Connell, who was on the flight, said:

“I’ve never seen a plane go down from 35 000 feet so fast. When we landed four police officers got on board and took her away. We had to wait about another 45 minutes before we could take off again.”

Daily Mail