An image posted in the holiday villa advert.
An image posted in the holiday villa advert.

Family's luxurious holiday villa turns out to be "bombsite"

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Feb 25, 2020

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When the  Russell-Illingworth family booked a villa on last July, they were over the moon at the luxurious Los Angeles pad. 
From the images online, there was a huge pool, fancy amenities and lots of living spaces. The advert was listed as a 'Holiday Hills gem' with five bedrooms, a BBQ area, outdoor pool and a huge garden area located close to Universal Studios. 
However, when the Yorkshire family pulled up to their £2,450 (R47 843) for a week villa, they got a terrible surprise waiting for them. The view that starred back at them was a dusty old building site, and just like that their dream for a Hollywood Holiday went down. 
The family of six, who spoke to The Sun described the place as a “bombsite”. The family told the publication that staying in Los Angeles had been a dream. Becky, a mom of three, said that when her husband Mike inspected the property, he found that it was not liveable. 
 When she inspected the property, she was surprised at what stared back at her. 
“So I went in afterwards. I walked out to the back and just thought oh my god,”  she told The Sun. 
“I could not believe what I was seeing. It was a bombsite and I was just so shocked. I was angry and very upset." (sic). 
The family lodged a complaint with Fortunately, they managed to find a second six-bed villa for £3,500 (R68 347). They have since received a refund from the “ bombsite” villa. 


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