File image: AP

London - For fast food fans everywhere, the announcement that an airline has struck up a deal with a fast food giant might beg the question: “what took them so long?”

Japan Airlines is to begin serving Kentucky Fried Chicken to passengers on some US and European flights for three months this week.

It may seem like a strange move for an airline whose national dish is the rather more healthy raw fish dish of sushi.

But apparently, Colonel Sanders’ fast food has a huge following in Japan, especially around Christmas time.

The fried chicken yuletide craving apparently stems back to when US expats couldn’t find turkey. They relied on the coated chicken dish for their Christmas dinner and the trend soon took off with Japanese youth.

Japan Airlines passengers on board flights to New York, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt and Paris will get an Air Kentucky meal made up of a KFC chicken breast, a chicken drumstick, bread, coleslaw and lettuce.

KFC’s closely guarded recipe was conceived in 1940 by Harland Sanders, who was made an honorary Kentucky Colonel due to his contributions to the state’s cuisine.

As of 2006, more than a billion dishes of the fast food snack had been served annually in more than 80 countries and territories around the globe. – Daily Mail