FlySafair passengers are not pleased with the airline issuing a voucher. They want a cash refund. Picture: Supplied.
FlySafair passengers are not pleased with the airline issuing a voucher. They want a cash refund. Picture: Supplied.

FlySafair passengers want refunds, not vouchers

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 23, 2020

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Passengers who purchased FlySafair tickets are not happy that the airline is issuing vouchers instead of a full cash refund. 

Many passengers have taken their frustration to Twitter, some stating that other airlines offered the option of a full refund. 

IOL Travel reported on Friday that the airline would not offer a cash refund on tickets booked before March 15, 2020, as it was not feasible for the business. 

FlySafair spokesperson Kirby Gordon said customer’s had two options if they chose not to fly due to the current coronavirus outbreak. 

They could change without incurring any penalties. However, fare difference costs will apply. Or, they could opt to take a voucher for the full amount, which is valid for redemption within six months. 

But, some passengers were not pleased with the vouchers and wanted a cash refund instead. 

User @ChelseaCromps said the voucher didn’t help as he lived in the UK and was travelling back home.

“I don’t want a voucher. I live in the UK and am flying home on Tuesday. Neither do I want to change it. I want to cancel the flights and get a refund back to my credit card,” he tweeted. (sic)

[email protected] tweeted: 

“We have these places money, we did not use the money but now they are giving us vouchers. WHY @FlySafair ??? Why won't you give passengers back their money, is our fault that we can't travel. Nah, this is some BS.”(sic)

User @TracyCandice responding to a FlySafair tweet commented: “How come your Vouchers that are being issued are only valid for 6 months? What if Corona carries on beyond 6 months? According to section 63 of the Consumer Protection Act, vouchers expire after a period of 3 years after the date on which they are issued.” (sic)

@Making_of_a_Mom commented: “In times like these it is only right for @FlySafair to offer full refunds for flights. Not vouchers. You have no idea when the borders of Africa will be open again. I want a full refund now for my sister!” (sic). 

Some applauded the voucher idea but said six months was little time. 

User @SashtonSean tweeted: "@FlySafair, I applaud the policy of issuing travel vouchers for cancellations of airtickets. However, I implore you to reconsider the 6 month validity. With respect, we have no idea what will happen in the next 6 months, let alone booking travel within 6 months. 12 months better!" (sic)

Gordon said that the issuing of refunds was not feasible for the business. 

“We are trying to strike a delicate balance to cater to our passengers and the business. We are also trying to ensure our survival in the short to medium term,” he said. 



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