Generation Alpha are slowly becoming travel disruptors. Picture: Pexels.
Generation Alpha are slowly becoming travel disruptors. Picture: Pexels.

Generation Alpha and their influence on travel

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 16, 2019

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Generation Alpha, known as the children of millennials and born after 2010, is expected to be the most formally educated, longest-living and wealthiest generation. It is no surprise that they are slowly becoming travel disruptors- with some of them influencing their family travel decisions. 

Expedia released its “Generation Alpha & Family Travel Trends” study recently, which reveals the impact of Gen Alpha on travel. The survey, conducted in nine countries, included over 9000 travellers from Australia, Brazil, the UK and the US.  It revealed that on average travellers with Gen Alphas took more than three family trips a year. 

On these trips, a family with Gen Alphas spent on average 6,9 days on holiday, with 68 percent of the trip being in their country of residence. 
In regards to the type of trip: 28 percent were family play vacations, 27 percent for relaxing, 13 percent were for visiting family and friends, and 11 percent were for sightseeing. 

The research also focused on what influenced Gen Alpha travel opinions. Majority of these digital natives sought inspiration from pictures or information that showcased kid-friendly activities or attractions (33%), while others relied on information they read online, or heard from their friends or family (27%). 
According to travellers, the majority of those surveyed loved visiting theme parks and attractions, followed closely by water and outdoor activities. 

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