Get out in the bush glamping

Published Jan 23, 2017


IF YOU are like me and prefer comfort over roughing it in nature, then glamping is for you. Defined as glamorous camping, glamping offers one the opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature and still enjoy the luxury of comfort living.

When you are on a glamping trip, you do not have to pitch a tent, sleep in a sleeping bag or light a fire. The trend started in the last decade where travel brands have capitalised on people’s need to experience the benefits of camping without having to compromise their comfort.

After seeing the trend in the UK, where glamping is a hit, South Africans are now following in their footsteps.

The founder of Littlegig, Georgia Black, will incorporate glamping in their festival on Saturday and Sunday (January 28-29).

Among the glamping varieties at the festival are a bell tent at R9 000 for a tent for two. A single occupancy costs R7 000. This includes festival tickets and all food and drink. It features a double bed, comfortable mattress, 100% cotton linen, bedside table with solar lamps, carpets and chairs.

The safari tent for two costs R6 300. These are equipped with foam mattresses, pillows, towels and lights. A private loo costs an additional R1 500.

“Glamping is basically high-end camping. There are wide definitions to it, some glamping tents can be just mattress and linen while others include

private bathrooms, lights and charging spots.

“European festivals are leading the way when it comes to glamping as they incorporate the trend at their events. People want to be in the outdoors but don’t want to leave their luxury at home behind,” said Black.

She said glamping was definitely something travellers should watch out for.

“There are lots of companies who arrange glamping getaways all over the country,”she said. inspires people to experience this new form of travel with some of the finest glamping destinations which the world has to offer.

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