New Google Lens innovation will make travel easier. Picture: Pexels
New Google Lens innovation will make travel easier. Picture: Pexels

Google Lens innovation will make translating when travelling easier

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Jun 4, 2019

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Translating while travelling can be a nightmare, especially if you're using your smartphone and juggling a travellers guide.

Getting around the city and even just ordering a meal at a restaurant can be laborious and frustrating or even disastrous.

Google Lens has now revealed one of it's new features is a translation option.

Travellers cant point their smartphone cameras at the text to be translated and the conversion happens instantly.

This is not new for Google, it's always been available on Google Translate, but if you've been using Google Lens then it's new to you.

There are over 100 languages as part of the translation feature, and there is talk of upgrades once the developer has user feedback.

Another new feature of Google Lens is the Dining Filter, which allows you to read restaurant reviews and get recommendations of the most popular items on the menu. reports that there are more features in the pipeline including "launching a new 'Popular Dishes' sub-menu within a restaurant’s page in the Google Maps app. You can add a review after taking a photo of a particular dish, which will also be automatically translated if you’re in a foreign country".

Google Lens is part of Google Assistant and Google Photos on Android, and on iOS users can access it via the Google app and Google Photos.

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