Flight attendant Deej makes thousands from selling pictures of her feet. Picture: Pexels.
Flight attendant Deej makes thousands from selling pictures of her feet. Picture: Pexels.

How this flight attendant made thousands from selling pictures of her feet

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Aug 1, 2020

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A flight attendant has dished on how she makes extra money: she sells pictures of her feel online.

The flight attendant named Deej, who is known as @djsbeercave on social media, has since written a step-by-step e-book on how people can do the same.

Her book, 'Feet Deets: How to Sell Your Feet Pics’ has received fantastic reviews. The book shares insight on what hashtags to use, what to avoid, responding to DMs and how to price the feet pictures.

She is also using her TikTok account to inspire others with her first video 'How to Sell Your Feet Pics' tutorial gaining her massive popularity.

She has currently amassed over 160 000 followers on the platform.

The Daily Mail reported that she told her fans that if they wanted to pursue this, they needed to create a separate social media page for their feet photos. She was quick to state that posting feet may not make people successful and that people need to beware of scammers.

“I use a completely separate account from my main Instagram, and I just post a ton of pictures of my feet. You have to look into feet photos and feet poses. Each different one has a specific name for what the pose is and people have different fetishes for each kind of pose," she said.

The TikTok star revealed that many men wanted private feet pictures, pictures that they won’t find online.

She offers a range of prices and does accept Amazon cards. She doesn't provide any personal details. She once received a mail from someone who was not interested in paying for images.

She shared the message in one of her videos. The person said: “I've ALWAYS had a thing on planes looking out for when hostesses take their shoes off or dangle them for a breather. Great page idea,' the person wrote. 'So... I'm guessing asking what airline you work for is off-limits…” (sic).

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