Your city is filled with many hidden gems, you just have to keep a lookout for it. Picture: Pexels.

I am quite passionate about my city, trying as hard as possible to find a hidden gem wherever I can. So it is no brainer that I try my best to showcase Durban to whoever I meet and use it as an excuse to explore.

Here’s a quick guide on how people can become tourists in their city:

Hit the library to find out more about your city: How much do you know about your city? If the answer is not enough, then why not head to your nearest library and brush up on your knowledge? Once you have educated yourself, you should discover more. Perhaps that food market has been around for over a century? Or there is a new park in the area?  Whatever it may be, you will get to explore in no time.

Eat to your heart’s content: Every destination has unique meals that set them apart. Thailand has Pad Thai, England the Yorkshire Pudding and South Africa the bunny chow. Set a day aside to sample the cuisines of your country. Most eateries offer interesting store layouts, experiences and history to be discovered. Besides the good food, you probably will learn something new.

Take a city tour: A city tour is by far the best ways to discover more about your city. With many interesting experiences, one can cycle, walk or segway. A tip is to book a tour guide, who will share information on the city and its history.