South African Airways has revealed the 4 domestic flights affected on Tuesday, October 22. Picture: Reuters

South African Airways has revealed the four domestic flights that were affected due to irregular findings uncovered during a recent audit of South African Airways Technical (SAAT). 

They released the flight details on their website on Tuesday morning. 

Passengers from Flight number SA 313 from Johannesburg to Cape Town passengers will fly on SA 317. 

Passengers from flight number SA 326 from Cape Town to Johannesburg will fly on SA 332

Both SA 543 (JNB-DUR) and SA 550 (DUR-JNB) have been cancelled and “passengers to be accommodated on other flights". 

SAA released a statement on Tuesday morning revealing that it “may operate an amended flight schedule” following a decision to recall some of its aircraft to undertake compliance verification in line with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) requirements.

The decision to recall the aircraft follows an oversight inspection conducted by SACAA at SAA’s maintenance subsidiary, SAAT.

“Some of the flights will operate later than usual, and SAA has implemented its contingency plans to ensure business continuity," the airline company revealed. 

The airline revealed that there were four domestic flight cancellations. 

“While there were only four domestic flight cancellations, SAA took steps to combine flights and deploy bigger aircraft to accommodate affected passengers. This has significantly reduced the impact of the inconvenience on the customers,” the statement added. 

SAA maintains that the inspection conducted by SACAA “was in accordance with its regulations and a necessary exercise to ensure compliance and safety.”

Comair has also revealed that four of its affected aircrafts have been released back into service. 

"We are expecting the full fleet to be back in operation by tomorrow morning. The flight schedule has been ammended for today, and we are working tirelessly to normalise the schedule and minimise disruptions for customers," the statement read.  

The operational impact on domestic flights is as per the table below:

SAA Schedule for Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Flight No.



  1. SA 313


Combined and passengers to fly on SA 317

  1. SA 326


Combined and passengers to fly on SA 332

  1. SA 543


Cancelled and passengers to be accommodated on other flights

  1. SA 550


Cancelled and passengers to be accommodated on other flights