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By IOL Supplied Time of article published Feb 16, 2019

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Trafalgar has created a fragrance with French perfume brand, Fragonard Perfumery.  Trafalgar’s brand philosophy is connecting its guests to The Good Life and has named the fragrance La Belle Vie. Sharing a history of innovation and leadership within each of their respective industries, the two family-owned brands have been partners for 40 years. 

Teresa Richardson, Managing Direcor of The Travel Corporation in South Africa, said the perfume will allow guests to continue to connect to their Trafalgar travel memories, long after their journey has ended.

"When one travels all five senses are used, but the sense that stands out the most is smell.  It instantly transports us back to moments in time, connects us to places and reignites special memories and Trafalgar wanted to celebrate this core connection.”
“Through this perfume, the magic of travel now lives on, and there’s no one else we would have done this with than Fragonard,” said Richardson.
Agnes Webster, CEO of Fragonard, said t he perfumer/nose took inspiration from a scented flower when crafting La Belle Vie. “Once used as a love potion in ancient times, the scent is indicative of the love affair of travel… inspired by the natural environment in which the flower grows,"  she said. 

La Belle Vie the Fragrance for both men and women is available exclusively for Trafalgar guests travelling through France, on itineraries visiting Paris, Eze and Grasse.

For guests travelling on Trafalgar’s Paris Explorer trip, the brand offers an included insider experience at Fragonard’s Parisian Headquarters. An official Fragonard 'nose' will unlock the history and secrets of perfume. Guests can then get ‘hands-on’ and 'mix-and-match' 3 components of the La Belle Vie fragrance to create their own to take with them.

“Trafalgar offers a rand guarantee, which fixes the rand price of your holiday, so no matter what the rand does in 2019, you’ll have peace of mind that you won't pay more for your holiday,” said Richardson.

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