In a separate category of Top 20 Low Cost Carriers by OTP, Mango is ranked number 4

Mango Airlines has been ranked 1st on the list of the most on-time African Airlines. It also featured 4th on the list of the most on-time low-cost carriers globally and 19th in the category of most on-time Top 20 airlines worldwide.

This is according to the UK air travel intelligence company, OAG. Their latest Punctuality Report tracks the world’s largest airlines and collates data based on 58 million flight records during 2018. OAG’s definition of on-time performance (OTP) is a flight that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of its scheduled time.

Leading the pack of Top 20 Airlines by OPT, is South American carrier, Copa Airlines, with a performance of 89.79%. Mango, placed 19th on the global list, is only 6.91% behind, with a performance of 82.88%.

In a separate category of Top 20 Low Cost Carriers by OTP, Mango is ranked number 4, the only South African and African airline to represent the continent.

Acting CEO of Mango Airlines, Marelize Labuschagne says, “Being named the most punctual airline in the country, and on the continent, is testament to our team’s hard work at making this happen. A lot goes into reaching a solid on-time performance record – a simplified summary includes:

"From making sure our guests are checked-in at the airport, and hopefully they all arrive on time, as our check in desks  close strictly 40 minutes ahead of departure for local flights, and gates closes 15 minutes before departure:

  • To all the baggage being loaded swiftly and safely onto the aircraft;
  • To the aircraft being cleaned and inspected by technicians;
  • To our friendly cabin crew ready to welcome and board our Guests;
  • To our pilots doing their in-flight checks to ensure the aircraft is ready for departure;
  • To reaching the destination airport, where the aircraft lands and the pilot receives their taxi instructions from ground controllers. On reaching the terminal a flight gate is assigned and as the aircraft stops, the boarding bridge (airport applicable) needs to be fitted to the aircraft
  • To finally disembarking our Guests timeously

"And then, all this gets repeated on arrival, for what we call a ‘turnaround’ where the aircraft changes from an arriving to a departing flight. The same aircraft then loads a new set of Guests ahead of their departing flight.

As you can tell, there is a huge number of Mango team members, and airport personnel, assisting us to make sure that flight after flight after flight, depart and arrive on time. Like any airline, we don’t get it right all of the time, but we are a group of committed people who turn up and do our best every day! We hope that 2019 is a year that we get to meet many of you, and welcome our frequent flyers back en route to your business or holiday destination.”