In a Hostelworld advert, pop diva Mariah Carey shows us why we should give hostels a chance. Picture: Instagram.

In a new advert to promote Hostelworld, pop diva Mariah Carey showcases the perks of choosing a hostel as an accommodation option.

Sure, it's quite odd to see Carey promote Hostelworld when she is accustomed to living in five star hotels around the world, but it's refreshing to see a new side to hostel living.

I mean, if Carey can do it, surely we all can?

In the three minute clip, Carey and her entourage pull up to a hostel in Casa Gracia in Spain.  

As she makes her grand entrance, her assistant soon realises that she made a mistake with the booking. Instead of booking a hotel, she chose the hostel!

Carey, clearly upset at the mistake, tells her entourage to “deal with it!”

The manager, clearly amazed that a star like Carey is on the property, decides to show her around the hostel in hopes that she likes what she sees.

She is sold on the idea of hostels when  she sees the ‘private suite’ with a "king size bed fit for a queen

By the end of the night, Carey performs at the bar among other travellers.

On her Instagram page yesterday, Carey posted: "They booked me into a hostel, of course there was going to be drama".

While Carey may never actually book a hostel in the future, she has convinced us all that choosing one in the future may not be a very bad idea.

See the video: