Chilling at the pool with panoramic views of the azure ocean.

Who doesn't love an island escape? 

While the Seychelles, Bali, Tahiti and numerous other picturesque places are on the bucket list of many holidaymakers - Mauritius comes highly recommended by Lonely Planet. 

In its recently published Best in Travel 2018, Mauritius made the cut as one of the Top 10 countries to visit. It shares the spotlight with other scenic destinations such as Chile, Portugal and New Zealand. 

Mauritius is praised for its stunning white beaches, dazzling sapphire seas, diverse culture, delicious cuisine, and an array of exciting sporting and adventure activities, as well as offering the most romantic wedding and honeymoon settings. 

It is also just a short, four-hour trip from South Africa, with flights departing from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. No visas are required, which takes another travel hassle out of deciding where to book your next holiday, and the wide variety of accommodation on offer, from 5-star luxury hotels to self-catering apartments, makes this destination even more appealing for travellers.

Mauritius has become one of the ideal escapes for honeymooners or those wanting a romantic break.

Why go with the suggestions from Best in Travel 2018. Well, it's drawn from the knowledge and passion of Lonely Planet's staff, authors, and online community. 

As self-confessed travel geeks, its staff collectively rack up hundreds of thousands of miles each year, exploring almost every destination on the planet. And every year, they ask themselves: Where are the best places in the world to visit right now? 

These places are then shortlisted by a panel of in-house travel experts who consider criteria such as topicality, excitement and wow-factor to decide what to include in the best-selling, inspirational travel yearbook. 

This book is their definitive answer. The destinations selected for this publication must offer travellers an outstanding experience in the year ahead: it could be that something special is going on in the year ahead.

And that is certainly the case with Mauritius, as the island will be celebrating a momentous milestone in its history – the 50th Anniversary of Independence. Gearing up for this special celebration, a series of national events and activities are currently being organised to culminate in March 2018.

Mauritius is one of the most picturesque places to visit.

The listing in the 2018 edition will guarantee wide-scale international visibility for Mauritius among local and global travellers alike, in addition to followers of various social media platforms and the 1.6 million subscribers of the famous UK travel guide publisher.


  • It is known as the Republique de Maurice (Republic of Mauritius)
  • It is located in the continent of Africa and covers 2,030 square kilometers of land and 10 square kilometers of water, making it the 183rd largest nation in the world with a total area of 2,040 square kilometers.
  • Population: roughly 1.2 million people live in the country (2015).
  • Capital: Port Louis with 150,000 inhabitants.
  • Language: English, French, Creole.
  • Religion: mainly Hindus (49%)