Singer Miley Cyrus performs on the final day of Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Somerset, England. Picture: AP

Miley Cyrus' sister Brandi claims their plane nearly crashed on their way to Glastonbury festival.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker made an appearance at the festival and bought most of her family along with her, but her sibling Brandi has now revealed their travel arrangements didn't go as smoothly as she had hoped.

Speaking with her co-host Well Adams on their Your Favourite Thing podcast, she said: "It was really crazy. If I didn't have to be the strong person in the group, I would have been scared but my mom and Miley were really losing it.

"It was pretty insane. Miley's in my lap, my mom's holding my hand across the aisle and nobody is telling us what's going on. After 10 minutes of circulating us around, they go back to land again - same frickin thing happens! My mom starts crying and goes, 'If we die, Noah is alone' and freaking out. I'm trying to hold it together for everybody."

And there is every chance Miley could be making her way back to Glastonbury as Mark Ronson recently revealed he wants to perform at the iconic festival with Miley.

He said: "I would love to make myself available for Miley Cyrus' set at Glastonbury. I'm keeping the schedule clear in case she texts me back ... I saw her four years ago singing on 'Saturday Night Live', she sung 'Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover' and I had never heard her sing with that real Nashville drawl before and I was like, 'One day I would love to make a song with her.' 

"She just didn't text me back for four years but everyone has got their own life and things going on so I never take that personally. I'm glad when she finally did call me back it was the right time because I don't think we would have come up with that a few years ago, so everything happens for a reason."