Contiki-moons allow young newlyweds to enjoy a romantic holiday but with other millennials. Picture: Supplied.

Newlyweds are no longer looking for a traditional honeymoon, where they’re cocooned in private villas and get to enjoy lazy days on the beach.

Now, they want to explore different destinations with other millennials. It’s become so popular that it’s given birth to Contiki-moons, a honeymoon, but with a group of people aged between 18 and 35.

Kele Scheppers, marketing manager for The Travel Corporation, said the idea for Contiki-moons came about after couples on Contiki trips sealed their love with epic proposals. These couples would then book a Contiki-inspired honeymoon to celebrate their marriage.

Estimates reveal that around 10 percent of all Contiki clients are couples, and there’s been a two percent increase in travellers who join a Contiki as a couple from 2018 to 2019.

Scheppers said: “Wedding planning can be quite demanding. Couples get so caught up in organising their big day that there’s little time to plan their romantic holiday.

“I think what makes Contiki-moons so appealing is that these trips allow you to experience a place with like-minded people while still having quality time with your other half.”

Scheppers added: “Not all couples are the same. One partner may want to see a historical sight, while the other would want to laze by the pool. With trips like these, you can experience a destination as a couple but also by yourself.”

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